I'm moving this site to Ghost - here's why

I'm currently in the process of migrating this site over to Ghost, which is (as they put it) "a fully open source, adaptable platform for building and running a modern online publication". Sounds good to me!

Once I've recreated the theme, set up the server and finally publish the site, I'll release a post detailing my steps and any difficulties I encountered.

This migration is definitely neccessary. I've been running this site by using PHP to grab each post from a JSON database. The JSON database had the code, date and title for each post, and concatenated it all together. The problem with this approach is that, while it was simple to make and easy to debug, posting took forever since I had to code the post as well as write the content. The only thing my CMS (if you even call it that) automated was making the posts visible on the landing page. Images had to be base64 encoded, stored in the database, then swapped in using regex. This meant none of the pages containing images were cached or compressed, meaning response times for some blog posts were terrible. Posting became too time-consuming. To fix this, I'll be switching to Ghost and let it handle all the back-end so I can focus on the site's content instead. This sounds like a Microsoft Surface Laptop ad.

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